Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sneak peek for Baby "G"

We thought this little guy was gonna give us a hard time because he's a bit older than my usual newborn sessions....BUT....we got him to sleep and he did great! I know his safe arrival is such a blessing to his family and I know he is going to be completely adored by his two big sisters! Thanks for letting me snuggle with your sweet boy. Here is your sneak peek! Hope you like it!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sneak peek for the "L" Family

The more I photograph families, the more I realize that it's the nonposed, natural moments that I truly fall in love with. While it's always great to have some shots where everyone is looking at the camera smiling, these shots aren't truly my favorites. The way Mom and Dad look at their kids, the unprompted outbursts of laughter, these are the moments I love to capture. After I have a session I cannot wait to go home and review my shots, and I always have a few that I just know came out great. But the true gems of the session for me, are when I load my files, and I've caught some of these awesome natural moments, that capture you just being you as a family.

I had a blast at this family's session. We were hoping the rain would hold out for us, and it did! We lucked out and were left with the perfect light, a perfect overcast day at the park! This cute little guy may be small but he kept us all on our toes chasing him all over the park! Thanks so much "L" family! I had a hard time picking out my favorites...tons more to come! Enjoy your sneak peek!

I love this next picture because when we finally got little "E" to sit for a moment, he decided to munch on some dandelions! I love everyone's expression in this one!

And one just to capture how fast this little cutie really was! His older brother even had a hard time keeping up with him!

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