Monday, July 02, 2007

How to Find a Babysitter (Told by an expert ex babysitter)

To all of you parents out there who don't have the luxury of living near family(AKA: built in babysitters), this article is for you.

Most of us have been there. Your marriage is under some stress and you and your husband decide you could use a little "couple time." Heck, you deserve it. You haven't been out alone since the baby was born and your "baby" is now three years old.

You ask yourself these questions: Who will we ever find to watch our most precious little darlings and where will we find this angel in disguise?

Option1: Head to your local Starbucks or Barnes and Noble and scope out all studious looking 17-20 year olds. Age is crucial here--under 17 and they can't drive to emergency room, over 20 and they're too "career minded" to be interested in the petty cash they'll be making by watching your children. You want to catch your potential babysitters right before they've "found themselves" and have really discovered their career paths.

Option2: Take your toddler to the local park and make note of who sends you consoling glances when your two year old throws a big tantrum as you exit. You know the look, the head tilts to the side a bit and they crack a half smile, as if to say, " will be kids." Obviously this person hasn't experienced enough toddler tantrums to think they're not so cute. Perfect candidate for a babysitter. Be careful not to confuse a potential babysitter with a sympathetic mother, one who's been there and done that. (Note: Other mothers of children the same age as yours are never potential babysitters. They're too burnt out and sleep deprived from their own kids to watch yours. Unless of course, they're family.)

Option3: Hit the local restaurants during "early bird" hour with your baby. Hire the first elderly woman who walks up to your crusty, sweet potato faced baby and says, "Oh, how sweet." ( Note: Grandmas are the best babysitters, whether they are yours or somebody elses)

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