Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Ideal Park

I took my three kids to the park today. It was a mild, beautiful day, and I knew if I didn't take them outside, I would have some sort of "mother guilt" later. As I sat on the miniature sized park bench and watched my son dangle from the eleven foot slide, I couldn't help but dream of the perfect park.

First, my ideal park wouldn't be on Main street, where your kid has to dodge semi's just to retrieve his ball. It would be nestled out in an open field somewhere, surrounded by perennial gardens.

Next, there wouldn't be slides higher than four feet off the ground. Standard rule, if your kid has to wear repelling gear and a helmet to safely climb the ladder, it's a sure sign the slide is too high. And instead of the decade old, jagged-edged mulch that is supposed to "cushion" your child, should she fall, there would be pillows. That's right, goose down pillows around the entire park. Imagine the decline in park related injuries each year.

Finally, the perfect park would have special comfortable chairs for parents. I mean we spend approximately five-nine hours of the day there at a time. Is it too much to ask for some comfortable seating? I say reclining chairs and foot baths, mandatory for all public parks. And instead of the benches and chairs being halfway across the park, where you can't see your kid unless you have supersonic vision, imagine this people...they would be right in front of the play area. Aahh...in a perfect world.

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